Remove Varnish From Kitchen Cabinets, best way to Remove Varnish From Kitchen Cabinets

Remove Varnish From Kitchen Cabinets, If your kitchen cabinets are finished, remove the old paint is essential to achieve a professional finish. According to Scott Gibson in his article  Painting kitchen cabinets‘ wood cabinets, Stripping naked eliminates potential liability between the old surface and color.  Although it may therefore take more time and effort, the results will come to the right value painted long duration that can help create.

Remove cabinet doors on hinges with a screwdriver. Next, remove the drawers of the cabinet.

Remove Varnish From Kitchen Cabinets, Label each drawer and door, depending on where he goes with masking tape. For example, when the cabinet door, the first door on the top of the box with  U 1  was and then following the marking on the top  U 2  and so on. Numbering each piece in order to accelerate the sharing of cabinet doors.

Remove cabinet hardware and drawer pulls. Use a screwdriver to loosen each piece cabinet door hardware for cabinets and drawers.

Install the cabinet doors and drawers at the top of the plastic sheet on the floor among the chemicals to protect.

Dirt, which is known in the kitchen cupboards with trisodium phosphate, also known as TSP. Clean the cabinets with TSP in a cloth to remove grease and dirt. Then let it dry.

Extending a varnish remover in the Liberal cabinet based package directions. Leave the chemical in the closet for about 30 minutes or so indicated on the label.

Scrape a small section of nail polish with a brush-rays to ensure that the process is complete. Re-nail polish and come every five to 10 minutes if the painting is not easy to remove.

Remove any nail polish remover with a brush removed after a successful test section. Then wipe with a damp cloth to remove any residue and let dry completely.

Arena all kitchen cabinets with a little grain 150-180. Does the paint damage and eliminate the rebels and the sand.

Remove excess material from clean sand with a vacuum cleaner. Then wipe with a dry cloth to ensure that wood is free of debris.

Remove Varnish From Kitchen Cabinets best way to Remove Varnish From Kitchen Cabinets 35 Remove Varnish From Kitchen Cabinets, best way to Remove Varnish From Kitchen Cabinets

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