Rectangular Living Room, best way to Design a Rectangular Living Room

Rectangular Living Room, When designing a website, it is important to examine first, their primary function. A lounge is a meeting place, television or just relax. If you have a rectangular room, just have a small hall, you should arrange your furniture so that you can move around your home effectively and enjoy the space.

Rectangular Living Room, Decide the direction of the room. For example, select some people who show how to use a TV room, in this case, television is the central element, because every look in that direction. Other options may be works of art or a house.

Rectangular Living Room, Put the core, then the rest of the design of your furniture and decoration throughout the article. Place the central element (ie TV) against a wall opposite the entrance to the room.

The long couch in front of one of the longest walls of the rectangular room. If possible, choose a wall opposite the window so that people sitting on the couch, you can look out the window, if desired. Press the couch with the other shorter (if any) on the longest side of the sofa to make it like the letterĀ  LĀ  look sure the couch watching TV or other short core. This is fine if the request size or configuration of space that the fate of the two sofas in the walls.

Adjust your chair or chair of life (if any) on the opposite wall of the rectangular room. You can make diagonal turn on the TV or other core.

Place a large rectangular table in front of the sofa for longer, if space allows. If you bring a table, it will be difficult to go through the center of the rectangular room, simply place a small table next to each bed or chair for cups, plates and other items. You need at least 2 – until the room is only 3 feet wide in your living room.

Place your smaller ornaments in the room after you have completed installation of furniture. For example, you can hang a large framed picture in the largest rectangular sofa, or place a plant by the end of a sofa. Ensure that the placement of small parts do not interfere with the central corridor of the rectangular room.

Rectangular Living Room best way to Design a Rectangular Living Room 28 Rectangular Living Room, best way to Design a Rectangular Living Room

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