Old Kitchen Cabinets, best way to Redo Old Kitchen Cabinets

When looking for a renovation to begin the value of your home, you invest to increase your kitchen. Bankrate.com said in the kitchen, put buyers in a straight line from the room when they first see a home for sale, are you sure that updated your kitchen looks clean and reasonable.  The One way is without a major renovation project is resurfacing your kitchen cabinets can be achieved. resurfacing your cabinets can give your kitchen a fresh updated look, while the capital gain is your home.

Take all the old cabinets and doors made to measure doors. Give the measures and the new color of the cabinets of the company, will manufacture the new doors. New cabinet doors will help to ensure that the same color as the cabinets and boxes to give more up to date.

dry dirt and grease from the surface of the canvas with a professional trisodium phosphate (TSP) and leave.

Easy to sand the cabinets with paper 150 sandpaper, polish the surface, then wipe off the dust with a tack cloth. This will help to ensure better control of the new cabinet surfaces.

Measure the sides of the cabinets.

Cut the plywood to fit over the sides of the cabinets, which are attached to the sides of the cabinets with wood glue. 2d driving nails into the walls of the office every 4 inches around the circumference.

Unit heads of the nails below the surface of the resistance with a hammer and nailset, then fill the holes covered with filler.

The measurement of the plates, the front edges of the cabinets are. The vertical panels are called styles, and horizontal joints are called rails.

Cut strips of sheet 1 / 2 inches wide and 2 inches longer than the posts and rails.

Line a strip of wood veneer designs to ensure that the games press on the edge of style and place the strips of veneer peeling paper and the strip against the crossbar. After the loss of all the backing paper, press the bar with a wood block to remove air bubbles and ensure that the veneer is firmly attached to the style. Repeat this process for the style at the other end of the housing.

Excess veneer rails with a knife.

Coverslips with strips of veneer with the same method used to cover the amounts to cover it with the styles of the two sides.

12Cut through the sheets where they intersect with a knife. Use a ruler as a cutting guide as you.

Lift the drive train in one of the points where the tracks and found the amounts of the way and the board that the style covers with a razor blade. Press the plate on the rail. Repeat this step on all the places where the rails and posts are crossed.

Screw the new door hinges on the cabinets.

Place the new door hinges.

Mark where the door handles and door handles are mounted on the doors and drilling new holes for them.

Set the handles and doorknobs.

Old Kitchen Cabinets best way to Redo Old Kitchen Cabinets 27 Old Kitchen Cabinets, best way to Redo Old Kitchen Cabinets

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